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We would appreciate donations of:

Large Items (Bikes, Furniture) Kitchen (dishes, gadgets, glassware), Home Decor (pictures, knick knacks, candles, lamps), Seasonal/Holiday Decorations, Books,  Baby/kid stuff (Games, Puzzles, Toys), Tools/Outdoor Gear (Camping gear, sports equipment, tools), Clothing/Accessories (purses, belts, hats).

We can not accept:

Torn, dirty, or broken furniture, Cribs, Mattresses/box springs/bedding, Electronic equipment including: televisions, computer equipment, printers, monitors, and game consoles; Appliances, Air conditioners, Large exercise equipment, Children's car seats, Helmets, Gas grills, Propane tanks, Tires, Magazines, Encyclopedias, Paint or cleaning chemicals

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