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(Updated JAN 2019) 


1.0.1. Troop 310 policies are intended to work in tandem with (but not limited to) the following Boy Scouts of America Literature: 

● Guide to Safe Scouting 

● Guide to Advancement 

● Youth Handbook 

● Boy Scouts of America Uniform Policy 

● Boy Scout of America Rules and Regulations 

1.0.2. Policies set forth and approved by the majority of the Troop Committee will not supersede those policies set forth by the Boy Scouts of America, unless noted in the policies booklet. 


2.0.1. The Troop 310 Committee reserves the right to change or amend these policies at any time. If there are any questions regarding interpretation of these policies the judgment of the Troop Committee shall be final. 

2.0.2.Troop 310 Policies shall be amended with majority of the Troop Committee and Charter Representative approval. 



3.0.1. Individual Scout Account (ISA) 

3.0.2. PURPOSE/SCOPE Scouts will have the opportunity to earn funds for their ISA by participating in designated Troop 310 fundraising activities. The committee has the sole discretion to determine how much money each scout can earn and will share the parameters with the scouts in advance of the designated activity. The ISA money is to be used for expenses relating to scouting activities and equipment (i.e Camp, or activity fees). Scout related event fees may be paid for using the scout’s account. If a you sign up for an event, the fee for that event will be taken out of your account unless you indicate otherwise. If your ISA has a zero balance, you are expected to pay for the event by the deadline on the signup sheet. With committee approval, a scout may use the ISA for purchasing equipment used for scouting. Receipts should be turned over to the Treasurer for reimbursement request. 

3.0.3. An ISA within the Troop’s general account will be held for each scout to help cover expenses involved with scouting. The monies earned from bottle drives, selling popcorn, etc. will be held in the general troop account. ISA portions earned by each scout will be tracked separately. The purpose of the account is for scouting activities and supplies. The Troop Committee reserves the right to refund charges made to a scout account if the Committee deems it appropriate 

3.0.4.Troop transfers - If a scout transfers to another Troop, with Committee approval their funds will be transferred to the other Troop’s scout account or given to the scout. If the scout unit they are transferring into does not have a scout account policy the Committee will decide what to do with the funds. If funds are unclaimed for 12 months, the funds become part of Troop 310’s general fund. 

3.0.5. Leaving Scouting - If a scout leaves the troop either by quitting or turning 18 without having earned the Eagle rank, all money left in the account will become the property of the troop. See policy on Eagle banquets. 

3.0.6.Fund raising - At the discretion of the committee, troop fund raising proceeds may be split among the scouts that participated, given wholly to the scout account or wholly to the troop account. The amount allocated to each scout will be based on the scout’s level of participation in the event. The annual popcorn fundraiser is an extremely important fundraising piece to the Troop since the Troop profits off of each sale. As such we require that all Scouts participate in the fundraiser in one of the following ways: 

A.) Sell popcorn equal to the dollar amount of the Scout Sales Goal (2017 Goal = $200) OR B.) Participate in 4 hours of Popcorn Show & Sell times OR C.) Make a buyout donation to the Troop in lieu of selling popcorn. The buyout will be equal to 35% of the Scout Sales Goal (2017 Buyout = $70) 

3.0.7.Summer Camp All money collected by the Troop for summer camp will follow the council refund policy. 

3.0.8. Dues Scout dues are $7.50 per month for the months of September through June (10 months) for a total of $75.00 per scouting year. . If yearly dues are paid in full by November 1, the re-charter fee of $34.00 will be paid by the troop at re-charter time. The Committee may choose to waive any and all fees based on financial difficulty. Paid dues are nonrefundable. - If a scout has paid his dues for the upcoming calendar year, and transfers to another scout unit, the unused dues shall be transferred to the new scout unit. The funds of the named former Scout of Troop 310 shall be released when the Troop committee chairperson receives written confirmation from the new Troop’s adult leadership of the confirmation of the Scout transferring. 

3.1. Special Awards & Troop 310 Supplemental Funding


3.1.1.Eagle Banquets The Troop will provide $300.00 for each Eagle Scout banquet, along with the Eagle neckerchief, slide and NESA membership dues. Any money left in the scouts scout account may be applied to expenses for their Eagle Banquet 

3.1.2. Official Troop 310 Neckerchief The Troop 310 neckerchief will be awarded to scouts who have successfully completed the requirements to achieve the rank of Tenderfoot, at no additional cost to the Scout. 


All scouts shall wear the designated scout uniform as appropriate for the activity involved. 

4.0.1.Class A- Troop 310 adheres to the BSA’s uniform policy in regards to the Official Scout Uniform. Troop 310 has established the following internal uniform policy. The Class “A” uniform is described as the official BSA uniform shirt and Troop 310 (or other approved) neckerchief with pants or shorts that are neat and clean and in good repair. Any neckerchief slide is acceptable. Any official uniform hat may be worn. No other hats are allowed. The Class “A” uniform is to be worn at the first meeting of each month, Courts of Honor, parades, Boards of Review, and other functions as designated by the Scoutmaster. 

4.0.2. Class B - The Class “B” uniform may be worn at all other scout functions unless specified otherwise. The Class “B” uniform is described as the green golf shirt with embroidered Troop 310 logo worn with pants or shorts that are neat and clean and in good repair. If a scout does not have a Class “B” uniform, the official uniform shirt may be worn in place of the green golf shirt. 

4.0.3. The Scoutmaster shall determine the appropriate uniform attire for all other events not stated in the above sections. 


At every scout meeting all scouts are expected to have their scout hand books, some means of taking notes and any other items necessary for planned activities. 


The Committee recognizes the usefulness of cellphones as a tool that can enhance scouting in some cases. However scouts need to adhere to the following policies: 

6.0.1 Devices shall be kept out of sight and powered off or silenced during these scouting activities. From opening to closing at all troop meetings. On Campouts-during all scheduled program time, troop campfires, crackerbarrel, Scouts’ Own Services, meals, after “Lights Out”, or when it interferes with assigned duties. Anytime their use negatively impacts another’s enjoyment, experience or sleep. Anytime their use creates safety concerns. 

6.0.2 The requirement that personal electronic devices be turned off may not apply in the following circumstances when the scout obtains prior approval from the scoutmaster or his/her designee: The scout has a special medical circumstance for self or family member. The scout is using the device for an educational or instructional purpose with the scoutmaster’s permission and supervision. 

6.0.3 If a Scout does not follow the above policies the Adult Leader on site may confiscate the phone. The phone will be returned to the Scout at the end of the event or earlier at the Leader’s discretion. 



On all scout functions, scouts will show up on time and properly outfitted for the planned activity. 

7.0.1. Scouts that do not possess the required equipment to participate in a planned activity, will not be allowed to do so. Every effort will be made ahead of a planned outing or activity to instruct the Scout on the required items or gear. Scouts that fail to follow instruction may be required to not participate. Safety of the individual scouts and the group as a whole is of prime importance. 

7.0.2 Early departures - While we understand everyone has busy schedules we strongly encourage all scouts to stay for the entirety of any camping event/outings they sign up to participate in. 



The Troop equipment represents a significant investment in time conducting fundraisers to pay for high quality, serviceable equipment. Caring for troop equipment requires participation by all Scouts, and adult leaders to ensure proper maintenance and care. The equipment allows the troop to conduct much of its outdoor program. 8.0.1 Absolutely no food is allowed in the troop supplied tents. 

8.0.2 The Quartermaster will sign-out equipment to the patrols, and will account for the equipment when it is returned. 

8.0.3 Patrols will return the equipment in a clean and dry condition. 

8.0.4 Patrols will inform the Quartermaster of any damage to the equipment when they return it. 

8.0.5 The Scout or Scouts assigned to the equipment shall be responsible for the use, cleaning and return of the equipment. 

8.0.6 Parents are asked to ensure that any troop gear taken home by the Scout for cleaning is cleaned and promptly returned to the Lodge by the next meeting. 

The entire patrol is responsible for care of the equipment, and any damage or loss due to negligence will be charged to the responsible scout(s) at the discretion of the Troop Committee. 


9.0.1. Scouts are expected to participate in all scout functions including outings, regular meetings, parades, fundraising activities, etc., unless excused by the Scoutmaster or Senior Patrol Leader. Attendance at Troop activities shows Scout Spirit. 

9.0.2. Weather Cancellations. If school is closed due to weather, there will not be a Troop meeting. If school is closed due to teacher workday, or other non-weather related event, the Scoutmaster and or Senior Patrol Leader will send out a notice advising whether or not there will be a meeting. 



10.0.1 Scouts are expected to represent Troop 310 in accordance with the Scout Oath and Scout Law at all scouting functions, events, and activities. Scouts that display “unscoutlike behavior” may be sent home from functions at the discretion of the scoutmaster or leader on-site. Additional discipline for Scouts that consistently display “unscoutlike behavior” may be considered by the Scoutmaster and Troop Committee for further action. 

11.0. Agreement


LEADER AGREEMENT I _______________________, an adult member of Troop 310, reviewed the guidelines and policies contained in the Troop 310 Guidelines and Policies Manual and understand and agree to these guidelines and policies. I recognize that I am expected to live by the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Outdoor Code, and adhere to the Troop 310 Guidelines and Policies Manual at all Troop 310 functions. 

Troop Adult __________________________________ Date ___________________ 

PARENT AGREEMENT I _______________________, parent/guardian of ________________________, a youth member of Troop 310, reviewed the guidelines and policies contained in the Troop 310 Guidelines and Policies Manual and understand and agree to these guidelines and policies. I recognize that my Scout is expected to live by the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Outdoor Code, and adhere to the Troop 310 Guidelines and Policies Manual at all Troop 310 functions. 

Parent _______________________________________ Date _________________ 

SCOUT AGREEMENT I _______________________, a youth member of Troop 310, reviewed the guidelines and policies contained in the Troop 310 Guidelines and Policies Manual and understand and agree to these guidelines and policies. I recognize that I am expected to live by the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Outdoor Code, and adhere to the Troop 310 Guidelines and Policies Manual at all Troop 310 functions. 

Scout _______________________________________ Date _________________ 

Copies of this page are maintained in Troop 310 file archive

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